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The many ways of gaining knowledge

     Divination is what discribes different methods for telling the future and/or the past. For instance astrology, necromany, tea leaf and tarot card reading etc. It has been used since the beggining of civilization itself. Through the years people from all over the world has tried to find ways of helping them gain insight into there future. Divination is mostly practiced in the pagan, wiccian, voodoo, and santeria religions. Other types of divination are by observation, its more natural than supernatural. Like for instance when people use machines to help them study wheather patterns so they can predict if its going to rain or not. Many people don't admit that what there doing is actually divination. But the main reason for divination is that for people to forsee there future and change it so they can make better choice's in there lives. Remember that the future is not writting in stone, what you see is the most possible future of whats going to happen if you continue to follow the path your currently on, and by changing that path, you change your future.

If you believe your future can't be changed, then it won't be.