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Knowledge of Lucid Dreams

     Lucid Dreaming is having a dream and knowing that your dreaming while your dreaming. The term was coined by Frederik van Eeden who use the word "luicd" in a sense of mental clairity. Some believe that when we dream our astral body unconsciously goes to a place called "The Dreamscape, or Other Place" which is located on a small part of the Astral Plane, or a complete different dimension on its own. And when we become conscious everything becomes realistic and you can do what ever you want. But keep in mind that just because you become lucid does'nt mean that you have full control of the dream. Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control are two completely different things. Its possible to have fully control of your dreams and not know that you are dreaming. From my person experience I can tell you that when I have them (which is very often) everything looks and feels just like it does in the physical world but I usually have very little control over the dream. Once I tried to walk through a wall and bumped into it, and I tried to fly and after a few mintues that I was in the air I fell. Normally Lucid Dreams don't last very long.
     People often say that lucid dreaming is like a lanch pad for Astral projection but others argue that it can't be due to the fact that were already out and its just a matter of being conscious. But I do believe that some lucid dreams can take place when were still in our bodies.
Scientific theories
     There are numerous theories about Lucid Dreaming. Most people who study lucid dreaming believe that we have lucid dreams when were in a state of waking and then returning to sleep breifly and our REM state does'nt break. They call this a "Wake Initiatied Lucid Dream" (WILD). Another is a "Dream Initiatied Lucid Dream" (DILD) and thats when we see something in our dream that does'nt make sense to us and then we just become lucid or simi-lucid. They even have machines (that are very costly) that can help to induce lucid dreams. If your intrested you can find info on it at . Oh and certian foods and drinks that you have can also help induce lucidity.

How do you know that your not dreaming right now, or when your dreaming that your really awake?