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The History, The Story.......The Reality

     Magick, something that has been used since the beggining of time. Not to be confused with card trick's and other forms of illusion. Aleister Crowely (a very popular magick practioner) suggested in the 20th century that real magick begin with a "k" rather than a "c" to point out the difference between stageshow magic, and the real thing.
     There are alot of stories about magick especially during the medevil times. Yes magick was actually use during that time period but most stories say that, gods and goddesses had special powers that gave them great advantages over humans, and that sometimes they would share these powers with them (those who they felt were worthy of course). And other stories about King Author and his sword Excalibur, that gave him special powers when he needed it.
     But the truth is that, magick is a science and art that uses energy or psychic energy to manipulate unseen and/or natural forces by directing this energy towards a specific goal in order to recieve a desired affect. And if he or she feels that their power alone is'nt enough for the task, then they will call on the forces of deities so they can lend a helping hand and supply the power needed to achieve their goal. People that practice magick are usually called magick practioners or magicians. Not only can they control things in this dimension, but others as well. This practice plays an important part in some religions, such as different types of wicca, shamanism, and voodoo. Most people use magick everyday of their lives without even knowing it. Magick is usually directed by rituals, spells, meditation, and even other forms of consciousness. Some of these methods involve tools to assist the practioner in achieving a certian state of consciousness, like candles, incense, athame's (knife), wands, herbs, etc. Most people call natural phemonena that can't be explained magick. Other forms of magick also include Alchemy, the ability to change things into gold or silver. Some text like the Cabala (old ancient esoteric Jewish system) explains magick.
     A few scientists that have discovered magick to be connected to the spirit and physical world, have made secret groups or societies such as The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, Knights Templar, and The Rosecrucians. Some societies that have survived were, The Freemasons, and The Shriners. The say that Sir Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci belong to one of these groups. They also say some of these groups contains valuable information about magick that could benifit humanity, and information about how to use angels and demons for your own purpose, and some say that they contain the secrets of maigck that are so powerful, it could be dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands.

If you choose to use magick, remember to use it wisely because what goes around......comes around.