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The hidden truth behind the stories

     A zombie is a dead person that is brought back to life through means of Voodoo or Necromancy, destroying the mental processes of this person through the process. Most people consider zombies only to be the stuff of horror books and movies, but they do exist in Haiti in the present day. Thousands of people in Haiti are considered to be zombies, some of which lead normal everyday lives with families, jobs and are respected citizens. It's even considered to be a crime to make a zombie in Haiti.

     Many Zombies are created through a very deadly posion called pufferfish, which is very dangerous to the neverous system, the clinical drug norcuron has similar effects and is used during surgery. Normally somone who becomes a Zombie is completed conscious, but the pulse and heart beat is so low that is impossible to detect. There have been cases of people getting shot to death and having rose out of their grave due to the fact that a voodoo practioneer gave them pufferfish before anyone could give him medical attention. It is said that this posion effects the left side of the brain, the side that controls speech, memory and motor skills. A Zombie also does whatever their master tells them to do, it was said that certain voodoo practioneers had secret armies that consisted of Zombies. Its also possible to know someone whos a Zombie but would'nt think that their one. Their are stories and reports that state that some people die come back as Zombies and have families then go back to their graves many years later. If you give a Zombie salt or meat then they will be aware of their trance like state become less lethargic and return to their grave. The study in Zombies became a serious issue within the last ten years.

Do you know any Zombies?