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This page contains everything about kinetic abilities, from Aerokinesis to Telekinesis

Aerokinesis - The ability to control air or wind with your mind, this ability does not included levitation. With this ability you can make wirlpools, accelerate the speed of wind, etc.
Aquakinesis - See Hydrokinesis
Biokinesis - The ability to control gene structure with your mind, making you look as young or old as you want, you could even change eye or hair color. With this ability you could litterally live forever, but this ability is very rare.
Cryokinesis - To be able to freeze things in your hands and make your body or room temperature drop. You could possibly live in Antartica with this ability.
Electrokinesis - To be able to make electric appliances malfunction or to be able to take in and/or discharge electricity from your body.
Geokinesis - The ability to control earth, like rocks and dirt with your mind. You could go to a mine and break and/or sulpt the rocks with your thoughts, you wouldn't need any tools.
Gryokinesis - The power/ability to control gravity, with this you could make yourself or someone or thing levitate with your mind. You could push gravity in any direction.
Hydrokinesis - Also called Aquakinesis is the ability to control water with your mind, creating false currents, ripples or even make water jump from the tub or sink.
Magnokinesis - Controling Magnet fields by thought. You could make medal stick to things (including you) and suck the power or put into magnets.
Photokinesis - To control light, to make it bend or do whatever you want it to with your mind (doesn't include sunlight though).
Psychokinesis - See Telekinesis
Pyrokinesis - The power to control or start fires with your mind. A dangerous yet difficult ability to learn. People who shown to have this ability is what im sure you probably heard of "Firestarters".
Retropsychokinesis - To control computer data with your thoughts, and making numbers go backwards or forwards. There are online test to see if you have this ability, a link to a few online tests are found at the bottom of this page.
Sonokinesis - The ability to control sound and vibrations with your mind, good ability to have if you have next door neighbors that play loud music.
Telekinesis - Also called Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind. This ability usually develops during teen years. It divides into two categories "Macro" to move large objects with your mind, and "Micro" to move small objects like dice, marbels etc. Some think that telekinesis and psychokinesis are two different things that one is an occult power and the other is mental psychic power but they are the same thing with different names. This ability is most responsible for poltergeist activity.
Ther-mokinesis - This is basically the ability to control the temperature with your mind, including body temperature, room temperature etc. But it is different that pyro or cryokinesis. With this ability you can only make the temperature hot, cold, warm. And not freeze or set things on fire. But it could be possible if you concentrated hard enough.

Click here for online retropsychokinesis tests

All these abilities can be developed, although some harder than others.