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This page will tell you all about channeling

     This skill is used by mediums, in which they communicate with entities and/or deities from other planes of exsistance. Some channeler's may communicate with the dead such as the famous psychic medium John Edwards, or they may communicate with guardian angels or spirit guides. Channeling is usually induce by alterstates of consciousness, trance's, drugs, or even fasting. This ability is normally used in a religious nature.
     In the past the majority of people that used channeling were shamans, oracles, and priest. Commmunicating with gods in a trance state would mostly be used by the early Chinese, Tibetans, Japanese, Indians, Assyrians, and Celts. Also  prophets, saints, holy men and women of Judaism, Christianity and Islam received divine guidance through a means resembling channeling.
     In the 1980s the actress known as Shirley Maclaine took an intrest in channeling as apart of her spiritual journey. There are many methods  in channeling that may seem odd or strange, such as necromancy. But many go into a mental trance in order to channel. Physcial channeling displays psychic ability such as, psychokinesis, materializing of objects, apports, and even levitation. It can also be produce by meditation, prayer, automatic writing, dreams, and chanting. Some people who channel only do it to know the future, and use Planchettes and Ojuia boards. It can be a dangerous practice especailly if you don't know what your doing. There have been reports of spirits taking over a medium because he or she didn't have enough control. Some mediums may or may not remember what has happend after the spirit has left. But remember  if you choose to become a channeler, take precautions.

Channeling shouldn't be used for fun.