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The history and definition of Psychometry

     Psychometry is the psychic ability to hold material objects in the hands that once belong to someone and get knowledge and impressions of the history, sometimes future of  the owner from the object. This ability was known even in accient times. The term is derived from the Greek words 'pschic' (soul) and 'metron' (measure) and signifies "soul-measuring", or "measurement of the human soul."
     An American Scientist, in 1842 by the name of Rhods Buchanan had a theory that every thought, action, everything that we do is recorded in the "Collective unconscious", or "Akashic Records". And that people with psychometry can tap into the Akashic Records. Many occultist believe that psychometry is connected to animalism. They believe all objects possess an inner or psychological life which enable the objects to receive from and transmit impressions to other objects. In this way the impressions of an individual can be transmitted to an object which the person has in his possession, and the object can later transmit the same impressions to another individual holding the identical object in his hand. The object is like a television receiver and transmitter, in that, it receives and transmits impressions. Some believe that Psychometry is not a special gift, but others believe that it is a gift anyone can learn with time.

Touch an object and see what comes, you might be surprised.