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Have you ever heard of a Psychic Vampire?

     Psychic Vampire's fall into two categories. The first type are people. Some people Who can not make enough energy for themselves, unknowingly or knowingly take other people's energy to sustain there own. Usually they take the energy from whomever is around them. It works in a empathic way. If they take to much energy from someone, that person may become suicidal. Most psychic vampire's don't even now that they are one. But others try to pursue this ability to make themself's stronger.
     Another kind of psychic vampire's are dead people, that choose to become a psychic vampire. Upon death, the person becomes enternal in there astral body and lives there. But in order for them to stay in there astral body, they have to drain the energy from the living. They usually do this at night while the person is alseep early in the morning about 3 to 5am, but they are known to do it in the day time as well. They normally drain the energy from the solar plexus area, usually paralyzing there victim. They go away and come back later. Sometimes they go after the same person night after night, but other times they go after different people each night. Some people report seeing a dark  or shadowy figure draining there very life force while they were going to sleep. The study in psychic vampirism has become a serious issue in modern science.  A good way to protect yourself from psychic vampire's is to practice prayer and/or meditation.

Psychic Vampire's are very real and shouldn't be taken lightly.