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Communication of the mind

     Telepathy also called, mind to mind communication, is the ability to communicate with other people by use of the mind regardless of distance. Telepathy" is derived from the Greek terms tele ("distant") and pathe ("occurrence" or "feeling").  A telepath is able to recieve and send thoughts, idea's, and feelings from and to other people and/or animals. Although if you can only send and recieve feelings then it is called Empathy.
     Telepathy has been the first psychic ability to be tested in scientific studies, and is the most studied psychic ability today. Interest in telepathy increased following World War I as thousands of bereaved turned toward Spiritualism attempting to communicate with their dead loved ones. The telepathic parlor game called "willing" became popular. Mass telepathic experiments were undertaken in the United States and Britain.
     Telepathy often happens spontaneously. For example, when your talking with someone and you both say the same thing at the same time. Or if a distant relative is killed or injured, and you get a feeling that something has happend to them and you have no idea were that feeling came from.
     There are numerous ways to test telepathy, like Zener cards for instance. They are a deck of 25 cards with 5 different shapes on each card that are, a star, three wavy lines, a square, a circle, and a cross. You get three people one to be the sender, one the reciever and one to keep track of score. The sender goes into another room and the reciever in another, while the score keeper goes back and forth to keep track of what happens. The sender takes one card from the deck and holds the image of the shape on the card, while the reciever tries to say what image the sender is thinking of. You can also try this with playing cards or any type of cards with pictures or numbers on them.

Becareful what you think around people, they just might hear you.