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Here you can gain info on an extremely dangerous paranormal phenomenon

     Spontaneous Human Combustion (also known as SHC) is when someone bursts into flames for no aparent reason. There have been numerous reports of people mysteriously catching on fire. 
     In 1950s London, their was a report of a 19 year old secretary who went dancing with her boyfriend one evening. While they were in the middle of a dance, her boyfriend started to notice that smoke was comming from her clothes, then she just caught on fire out of the blue, she died before anyone could attempt to help extinguish the flames. The boyfriend later testified in court and said that, they were'nt any candles, oil lamps, or anything that could cause her to catch on fire, and that it was like the fire started from inside her body. There were several witnesses who said the same exact thing. When her remains was examined they could'nt find any explanation for her catching on fire. So the cause of her death was unknown. During time they have found some scientific explanations for some cases involving SHC, like in 1982 a woman in Chicago spontaneously combusted and they discovered that she had hydrocarbon accelerants on her clothes, so they listed her death as a murder. But there have been other cases of SHC where they cannot find any explanation or cause to the phenomenon. There also have'nt been any reports of one having survived SHC.

The question is'nt whats the cause of SHC, the question really is, if we find the cause....what could be done about it?