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Fraud or truth?

     Strange designs found in wheat or corn fields have been discribed as "Crop Circles". Some say these desings are simply someone playing a bad joke, but other believe that it could be a message.....a message from the unknown.
      Most scientists have dismissed crop circles as something paranormal, and the majority of them are found to be fake.  There are even alot of people who admit to making these odd symbols in fields, they even show how they did it on camera. Take Dave and Doug from the UK. In 1992 they came forward and claimed that they had created hundreds of crop circles over the preceding 15 years using a plank of wood, rope and a baseball cap fitted with a loop of wire to help them walk in a straight line. But there are some researchers that believe some crop cirles come from some unknown force giving us some kind of message, these researcher's also have prof that some crop circles couldn't have been manmade. For one the complexity of some ginuine cirlces are to numerous to have been made by humans. And as most circles have been found in fields some are found in restricted areas, like inside military instillations that have been fenced off very well from the surrounding area.
     Other more convincing evidence is the weaving of some crop circles. Researchers have long contended that the plants in genuine circles are weaved together in a particular way when they are flattened. Hoaxers have not been able to duplicate this pattern. The plants are masterfully overlapping each other, and gently spiking into the standing crop in a spoke effect creating the circle. This is an effect that is not achieved by simply stomping on the plants with a board and or a garden roller.
     The soil found inside these circles have been excessive dry even after it rains. Also some of the plants inside are'nt supposed to be bent to a 90 degree angle. Most of these plants they found in the circles are like celery sticks and can only be bent to 40 degree angle. Some of the seeds that researchers have collected in from the plants in the circles have produce seeds abnormally smaller than normal plants.
     Crop Circles are still under invesigation by some researchers, some believe that there still all just hoaxes and choose to ignore the evidence. But others who really study them believe that it could be the work of extraterrestials, or a message from the earth to warn mankind.

Have you ever wonder what could be causing Crop Circles?