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Here is the story of the mysterious Rollright Stones

     The story of these prehistoric brozeage stones, are located in England, between Long Compton and Chipping Norton. And is a place with a history of alot of witchcraft activity.
     According to the legend, there was a Danish King with a big army. He invaded England and met at a place called Rollright. When they got there they met a witch with whom she used psychic abilities to fortell the future events of the king that would make him ruler of England. The witch told him, if he took seven strides to the top of the ridge to see the village of Long Compton below, he would become king of England. The king did exactly what she said and went to the ridge. When he got there the witch said a small chant,
Sink down man, and rise up stone!
King of England thou shalt be none.
     Then the king was turned into stone. The witch also turn his army men into stone. When the rest of his men came over the ridge they were whispering about the king and they too were turned into stone, today they are called the "whispering knights". Then the witch was going to turn herself into a elder tree, but she didn't. They said that at night the stones turn back into men and who ever witnesses it will go insane or die. They also say that in the 18th century people went to the whispering knights to hear whispers of there future. The Whispering knights are also thought to be some kind of burial ground
     The Rollright Stones are older than Stonehenge and most are broken to this day. Alot of witches had meetings and sabbats there, but in 1945 a sacrifical killing they say happend there, and in 1949 the witches had to go some were else for there meetings and sabbats. They say that some people who have psychometry found some very interesting things about the stones and about past accient pagan rituals that were performed there.

Did the story of the Rollright Stones really happen? I leave that answer to you.