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Stuff to know about Doppleganger

     Doppelganger, which comes from the german term "double walker". It's when the astral body of a living person comes out of there physical body in the form of a apparition. If the individual is holding in certian emotions (especially from childhood) it can cause the astral body to come out in order to "get away". Doppelganger's can happen weather the person is alseep or awake. He/or she may think it's a ghost. The double can appear in any shape, or form. But most of the time is looks exactly like the individual. Although some may think it's a ghost trying to mimic there form. Some believe that if you see your own astral body in the form of an apparition, it meant that the individual was going to die. But usually the main reason for a doppelganger is the astral body's need to just act out the hidden emotions one is hold in, even though the apparition acts very strangely when seen up close.

Have you ever seen your Doppelganger?