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Psi Knowledge
Law of Self-Knowledge
Introduction to Psi
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Astral Projection/OBE
Automatic Writing
Crop Circles
Helper Spirit
Lucid Dreams
Psychic Vampire's
Rollright Stones
Spirit Children
Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC)
The Kinetic's
The Laws of Magick

     Within the Law of Knowledge is a specific sublaw of Self-Knowledge or "knowing thyself." The principle which is essential in the Law of Knowledge is equally applicable and essential to the Law of Self- Knowledge. One who does not know himself, having never tested himself or his limitations does not know what he can do. Here is the example of the insecure person.

But, the reverse is also true too. The person who has trained himself and tested his abilities is the secure person. He has by knowledge and training perfected his abilities to the extent that he has control over them and knows what he can make them do. He is the person who controls the computer, or any activity which he endeavors to do. This also includes a real magician who has practiced his art until he is proficient at it. Many magicians will say their proficiency lies in their self-knowledge.